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Pictures 2021
This year is turning out to be slow for me, with a surgery and the Virus going around.  Hopefully it will pick up.

                My son Earle III
              Acouple of nice bass

My son with a very nice spring turkey
My son and grandson with a 7 lb bass caught
on Memorial Day

Matthew Rosson with a nice muskie, he
had to work hard for it.  10-16-21
Received a call from a friend, responded and
found this.

This is what happens to the bottom of
your boat when you hit a stump
My son with a very nice buck taken with a
bow and Arrow on 11-11-21

My son with a 37" and a 36 3/4"

A week after the tournament my son came down with
his wife and put three in the boat and had 6 other muskie
contacts.  Don't know why I don't have his 3rd muskie..


Let's do some muskie fishing!!

Lake News!!

Haven't done any fishing for a while...I have talked to some of the people coming in off the lake and the water temperature is about 38-40 degrees.  Some bass are being caught along with some crappie but I have not heard anything about muskies or walleye, sure miss the fried walleye or even the baked walleye....Today is ground hog day don't run over any looking out their burrows....






































Lets do some muskie fishing!!

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