Water temp is in the mid 50's.  I haven't got my boat back from the shop yet, been almost two weeks, hopefully the parts will be in soon.  In the meantime my wife and I took a trip to Chicago to see my sister.  I haven't been back there for years and I know why I like the wide open spaces.  My sister took us by the house we lived in back then, there was probably only about 3 feet in between houses.  I hope to get my boat back next week and start fishing again.  Been doing some crappie fishing off of my dock but they are not hitting very fast there, in fact it has been down right slow.


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Indian Hill Resort

Stillwater Resort

Lakeview Lodge
Goody's Resort

Sunflower Resort

Anglers Resort

Berryland RV Park

Clearlight Inn
Willow Winds
Local Marinas

Nemo Bridge Marina
State Park Marina

Harbor Marina

Highway 83/Hickory Ridge Marina & Campground
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The first 11 pictures are the most recent ones...


Phil White winter bass     

Cold water bass

 37" Muskie 4-18-14         

Tim T. with rod/reel caught trolling

40" Muskie I netted  4-21-14    

32" muskie 4-22-14, also had a 31"
         about 10 minutes later.

Jesse Maruschak with a nice crappie

A double

Nice Crappie

Theresa Alley  - Crappie

Theresa Alley - Bass

Rocky Alley - Walleye

Stephanie Costillo - Nice Crappie

Stephanie Costillo - Nice Bass

Bob Morris - Nice Channel Cat

Earle & Mason Hammond nice fish

Earle & Mason Hammond nice bass

Jenny Hammond 33" Muskie

Sallie Shanno 34"  Muskie

Brianne Wood - 24" Muskie

Darel Cornelison 38" Muskie

Me with a nice bass

Charles Wood - Nice Crappie

32" Muskie I caught

Chris Morley with a 25" walleye
Her sister Alice Yates caught the muskie...

Alice Yates with a 24" muskie

New Information

For Sale:
  I am offering for sale: leaders,  4' trolling leaders 80# Seaguar Fluorocarbon with 100# snaps and swivels for $5.00 each.  Casting leaders 9" 80# Seaguar Fluorocarbon with 100# snaps and swivels for $2.50 each.  If you wish a custom length just let me know.  I also sell 18" walleye trolling leaders for $2.50, why you say walleye trolling leaders?  Have a couple of baits bitten off by muskies and you will know....

Guide Honors

3rd Place 2015 Tournament
Big Muskie 2015 Tournament
2nd Place Friday 2012 Tournament
2012 Tournament Big Muskie
2nd Place Sat/Sun 2012 Tournament

Winner Prime Time Outing 2011
Second Place 2010 Tournament
Most Muskies Caught In 2010 Tournament
First Place 3 Lure Outing 2010
Winner 2009 Tournament
2009 Tournament Big Muskie



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