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Pictures 2020

Not a lot of pictures for 2020 with the virus scare
lets hope it gets better.  Did not have a trip until August kept turning them down.

        Joe Walrod with a nice white bass            

Doug White with a nice white bass

          Joe Walrod with a nice crappie
My 42"  9-7-20

          Josh Shawver with a nice 331/2  9-19-20      

Me 44" 9-19-20

Albert Shawver with a nice 27"

Here are a bunch of pelicans feeding on a school of shad down below our house.  There were more pelicans coming, it is like someone rang the dinner bell.


Let's do some muskie fishing!!

Lake News!!
Lake is about a half a foot low.  Water temp is in the 65.  Water clarity is about 6 feet. Temperature is supposed to go up to 85 tomorrow (Thursday) and then the chance for rain and snow on Tuesday what a swing.  At least the wind will not be to bad but man that sun is going to be a killer.  Oh well that is guiding for you.  They are letting out 64 cubic feet per second and only have 15 cubic feet per second coming in, oh well it does make for a small current in the lake.







































Lets do some muskie fishing!!

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