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Pictures 2019

The year 2019 may not have been good for fishing with high water and high water temperature but the the muskies have started.
My son and I won the 2019 Muskie Tournament at Pomme de Terre.

Nice white bass on a          
square bill in shallow

Hard to take a good picture and hold
the fish at the same time.  About 5 LBS

About 5 lbs also      a week apart

We started out with this nice
35.25" only 9 minutes into the
tournament on Sunday

Then we had this small 25"


After his 25" I caught this nice 38"

We finished the morning with this nice
38" muskie.  Over the two days we had
a total of 18 muskie encounters.

               Us with the 1st place plaques


Caught this 6# Bass while
fishing the muskie tourny

Took this picture one morning.

Nice 39 also he was fishing with Larry
and had 6 more strikes

  Larry caught this nice looking 21 for his first

Kris Liles with a nice 39" on 10-17-19

        Me with a 32" on 10-18-19

Let's do some muskie fishing!!

Lake News!!


Lake is currently dropping at a rate of 1500 CFS,  lake temperature is 53 and it has been going up to 57 in the afternoon but I would expect that to end Monday with all the cold weather coming.  Fishing has slowed down due to the changes in the weather.  Shad are hard to find right now.  There is a mallard in Willy Finn Cove that follows you all over the cove begging for food.  Not a lot of boats on the lake today but it was nice out there and it is forecasted to be warmer in the morning (Sunday).  Crappie have been hitting but you have to find them, lots of meat on the fillets.

Lets do some muskie fishing!!

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