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Pictures 2017


My son with a monster buck in NW Missouri

My son Earle with two of the many bass caught on Feb 22              It was a warm day!       

   One of the muskies stocked last fall
One of two 41" caught in a 30 minute span   



 The second of two 41"

Dave Phillips on 6-10 and 6-11-17        

   Garrett with a nice 40 on second cast
The Muskie on the left and the one on the right were both 41" and caught within a half an hour.

Let's do some muskie fishing!!

Lake News!!


Lake is currently at 4 high water temperature is 85 degrees.  The Corp is finally letting out 2,000 CFS, Cubic Feet Per Second.   The Corp is going to cut it back to 500 starting Friday when the lake is down to 3 feet and below.  Went out this morning for a few hours, caught one walleye going 5-6 pounds, it looked good swimming away from the boat.  Saw my first muskie of the year when it hit the surface after shad, hope this is an indication of when September hits and the water is cool enough to fish for them.  Still can't get to my dock walking down the ramp, have to take a boat to get to my boat, don't know why they are dragging their a--- getting the ramp fixed and the dock back in it's former location.  Been three weeks since the walk down ramp has been visible.  Well fishing might just be picking up, let's hope so....


Lets do some muskie fishing!!

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